OVAO - SILVER Matte [Stainless Steel]

$ 385.00

AMULA DNA Jewelery / SOLOS single vial designs - STYLE: OVAO - SILVER Matte [Stainless Steel]

AMULA DNA Jewellery: a line of personalized and preselected 21st century lockets containing DNA of the person, plant or animal of your choice suspended in a glass vial.

Jewellery is worn as a talisman, as a reminder or meditation of an idea or person. AMULA DNA Jewellery is based on these sentiments, but cast from the predictions and claims of DNA research and exploration.


* AMULA DNA Jewellery can be given as a ‘Surprise Gift’. You will receive a gift box that contains: information about AMULA and a card showing the design that you purchased, and a DNA collection kit for one sample (unless otherwise requested). Please contact us for further details.

* Standard Shipping and Handling included

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