About Us

LAByrinth is Life Science inspired fashion brand featuring two product lines:

AMULA DNA Jewellery: a line of personalized and preselected 21st century lockets containing DNA of the person, plant or animal of your choice suspended in a glass vial.

Jewellery has many functions and has been made of many things: precious metals/stones, bones/hair from people/animals - all believed to bring one closer to something or someone. The value of each piece arising from the reputation of it’s artist, mythology of it’s journey, lineage of owners - jewellery is a talisman, worn to declare one’s identity, belief, traded - but ultimately worn as a reminder or meditation of an idea or person.  AMULA DNA Jewellery is based on these sentiments, but cast from the predictions and claims of DNA research and exploration.

‘HOST – for your living things’: a collection of original graphics and forms (bags, accessories, clothing) created from and/or inspired by advanced imaging technologies that have enabled us to witness worlds normally invisible to the naked-eye.

HOST refers to an organism/cell in or on which another lives/feeds. This relationship is symbiotic and co-dependant, assisting the survival of one or both organisms. There are many types of intimate relationships between organisms that are characterized by co-dependence for survival. ‘Symbiosis' describes the various degrees of intimate relationships between organisms, which include: ‘ectosymbiosis’ - an organism living on another, ‘ectosymbiosis’ - inside another, or ‘obligate symbiosis’ - only necessary to the survival of at least one partner.

LAByrinth utilizes the concept of the invisible, DNA, microscopic images and visual culture / technologies to craft the brand’s metaphor and reminder to reconsider the significance of the things you can and cannot see for whatever reasons (ie: size, concentration, perspective, time, biological / technological limitations and animate / inanimate factors). 

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